NUHW forces SEIU to reveal their secret deal at Kaiser

NewsMay 17, 2012

Yesterday, NUHW forced SEIU to reveal their secret deal with Kaiser.

SEIU wanted to prevent workers from seeing the details of their agreement with Kaiser Permanente before healthcare workers were forced to vote on it. SEIU tried to do what they’ve done to workers at Daughters of Charity and Dignity/Catholic Healthcare West and get workers to approve giveaways to the employer without even having a chance to read them.

When NUHW got the document we printed it right away and shared the TA’s—or Tentative Agreements—with everyone. Now, SEIU has been forced to put their version of the TA’s up on the SEIU website with four additional pages.

But SEIU’s version of the TA’s raise even more questions about the changes in store for Kaiser workers. SEIU’s TA’s mention secret 2010 agreements on “On call Conversions,” “Regional Transfers” and “Job Postings” that they’ve now signed off on with management but never printed and shared with healthcare workers.

Is SEIU hiding more cuts from healthcare workers? That’s all but certain.

SEIU is a union where staff in Washington D.C. call all the shots and backroom deals are the order of the day.