NUHW Executive Board Endorses May Day Immigrant Rights Rallies and Marches

NewsMarch 16, 2011

Last Saturday, the NUHW Executive Board voted to adopt the following resolution:

Whereas May 1st is the traditional holiday for working people internationally and,

Whereas May 1st is the anniversary of the Haymarket Square rallies in Chicago, Illinois for the eight hour day campaign led by US unions, and

Whereas in recent years, immigrant labor has adopted May 1st as a day of struggle for the rights of immigrant workers in the US and,

Whereas NUHW supports the right of immigrant workers to enjoy the same rights on the job and freedom from employer harassment as native born and naturalized citizens, and

Whereas many NUHW members and supporters are immigrant workers.

Therefore, be it resolved that NUHW encourages its members and staff to participate and form contingents of NUHW workers in the upcoming May 1st rallies and marches in California and when possible, to urge them to participate in the planning and execution of said marches and rallies to build better and stronger ties between NUHW and immigrant communities.