North Bay Business Journal: Memorial hospital staff file petition to join union after four-year effort

NewsApril 14, 2009


SANTA ROSA—More than 650 Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital staff filed for a petition Monday to join a union after a several-year effort, according to a release sent by the labor organization today.

The nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, radiology technologists and others could join the National Union of Healthcare Workers as soon as next month if they receive approval from the National Labor Relations Board. The group said workers pursued for several years an effort to negotiate fair ground rules for union election with the St. Joseph Health System-run hospital but were eventually told to first file with the board.

“Right now, frontline caregivers don’t have a real say in the decisions that affect us and our patients,” said Memorial vocational nurse Shirley Cervellie. “And with the recent layoffs, we’re worried about having enough staff and job security.”

Officials with St. Joe did not verify or deny the previous negotiations but did say they received a fax about the petition last night and are currently verifying information with the labor board. A spokesperson with the group said they will release more information later today.

The labor board is expected to schedule an election sometime in the next 45 days so that workers can vote on whether to join the union.

Source: North Bay Business Journal