Who are we?

Caregivers and Californians United Against the Recall of Governor Newsom is a committee sponsored by the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). The committee was formed to organize progressive voters against the Republican-led recall campaign.


Because Californians are facing unprecedented challenges in the fight against COVID-19 — and the last thing we need is an expensive, partisan recall that will only take time, attention and resources away from the policy priorities that will make our state better for everyone.

We should be focusing on effectively getting vaccinations out to the public, promoting equitable and swift economic recovery, protecting our environment, protecting immigrants and ensuring universal health care for all Californians.

Who supports Caregivers and Californians Against the Recall?

The Caregivers campaign has already won the endorsement and financial support from activists and political leaders throughout California, including state Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, State Senator Scott Weiner, Assembly Budget Chair Phil Ting, State Treasurer Fiona Ma, Assemblymember David Chiu and the million-member Courage California.

What is a recall election?

California is one of 20 states that have provisions to remove a sitting governor in a recall. The state law establishing the rules goes back more than a century to 1911 and was intended to place more power directly in the hands of voters by allowing them to recall elected officials and repeal or pass laws by placing them on the ballot.

Where does the recall stand as of now?

The Republican-led recall campaign has over 1.9 million signatures as of now. The county election officials have until April 29 to verify them to see if they have 1.5 million valid signatures to have a recall.

This is why it is critical progressives join together. We cannot be out-organized by the right-wing Republicans.

How can you help?

You can help by signing the petition and then spreading the word about our campaign by sending it out to your friends and family and posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, NextDoor, or any network you are involved in.