NLRB Judge Overturns Kaiser Service and Tech election

NewsJuly 19, 2011

Today, Kaiser workers’ right to a fair election was vindicated by the NLRB.

In a 34-page ruling, Judge Lana Parke overturned last fall’s Kaiser Service and Tech election for 43,000 healthcare workers due to SEIU-UHW’s reliance on the illegal conduct of Kaiser Permanente to intimidate workers from supporting NUHW.

Judge Parke ruled that SEIU broke the law when it made Kaiser Permanente’s illegal withholding of raises and benefits to workers who voted to join NUHW in three Southern California Kaiser bargaining units the centerpiece of its Service and Tech campaign.

Judge Parke singled out the conduct of Southern California Regional President Ben Chu for his part in SEIU’s illegal threats of the loss of wages and benefits.

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