NLRB decides in favor of NUHW supporters

NewsSeptember 21, 2009

NUHW supporters picket OlympiaThe National Labor Relations Board has issued three decisions in favor of NUHW supporters:

  • The NLRB charged Olympia Medical Center with violating the rights of union stewards by disciplining them for supporting NUHW. Records of the discipline will be removed from the workers’ files, and Olympia must promise not to threaten NUHW supporters with retaliation.
  • The NLRB issued a complaint against Sutter Health for disciplining the chief steward there for union activity. The federal government is taking action on the chief steward’s behalf against Sutter Health in an upcoming formal hearing.
  • The NLRB has lifted the first of SEIU’s blocking charges, unblocking NUHW elections at several facilities.