News of the Week: Judge orders migrant families reunited

NewsJune 26, 2018

Each week we share articles on subjects that are important to NUHW and its members. Here are several must-read stories over the past seven days:

A federal judge late Tuesday ordered the Trump Administration to reunite all families separated at the border within 30 days.

The children taken from their parents now live and wait in unfamiliar places: big suburban houses where no one speaks their language; a locked shelter on a dusty road; a converted Walmart where they must stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in English daily, according to the Washington Post.

With $127.2 million in fines for wage theft, Tenet Healthcare ranked 10th on the list from Good Jobs First, a Washington-based organization that tracks legal violations at large companies.

CBS News reported that the House on Friday voted 396 to 14 to send the Senate more than 50 bills aimed at tackling the opioid crisis, which is claiming more than 115 lives each day in the U.S. The bills, nearly all of which were bipartisan, were wrapped into a single package, named the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act (H.R. 6). They aim to study the crisis and treatment efforts, increase treatment options and bed space, aid the development of non-addictive pain treatments, fight trafficking of counterfeit and illicit drugs, and more.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association, which has worked with NUHW, has successfully gotten a staffing ratio initiative on the November ballot, reports the Boston Globe.

At least 200 former USC students have joined lawsuits against the university, alleging it failed to heed warnings for nearly 30 years that a campus gynecologist was sexually abusing patients, according to the Los Angeles Times. Lawyers representing the alleged victims expect the number of women suing to reach at least several hundred and possibly thousands. If successful, the suits could cost the university hundreds of millions of dollars.