News of the Month — September 2020

NewsSeptember 28, 2020

Throughout the pandemic, hospitals have frequently referred to their healthcare workers as heroes, but workers often feel overworked and demoralized by a system that does not seem to value their safety or well being. And it’s taking a toll of caregivers’ mental health

Christopher Friese with the University of Michigan School of Nursing spoke on NPR about how everyone is feeling the effects of a health care system whose workers are stretched to the brink

Longer term, the COVID-19 pandemic could negatively impact the healthcare workforce, as safety risks discourage people from pursuing healthcare careers.

In addition to healthcare, what other industry sees high rates of COVID-19 infection among workers? The U.S. Postal Service. And that’s one more threat to voting by mail.

White workers are getting hired back nearly twice as fast as Black workers. The post-coronavirus economy might widen the unemployment gap even more. Black women might have an even tougher struggle going back to work because of increased childcare burdens.

Some workers may find their jobs being done by machines. Layoffs have been higher among workers in industries that can be automated, which increases the risk those jobs will become permanently obsolete. The longer the recession lasts, the deeper the impact of automation will be.