News of the Month — November 2020

NewsNovember 19, 2020

Union leaders are hoping to influence Joe Biden’s pick for Labor secretary — but they’re increasingly at odds over who should get the job. Meanwhile, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has said he would accept the job if Biden offered it to him.

President-Elect Biden has said he will remove barriers to union membership. In 2018, President Trump signed executive orders aimed at preventing federal workers from organizing. Joe Biden is likely to pull back those same orders in the new year, according to union members.

The Third Surge is breaking Healthcare workers.

Worker advocates and former labor officials say they believe President-elect Biden will push to revamp and strengthen OSHA, the federal agency charged with enforcing workplace safety soon after taking office in January, a significant shift in the middle of a brutal pandemic.

As the country heads into a dangerous new phase of the pandemic, the government’s management of the P.P.E. crisis has left the private sector still straining to meet anticipated demand.

A federal judge blocked a Trump Administration rule that opponents said would have harmed the bargaining rights of more than 500,000 home healthcare workers in California and several hundred thousand additional workers across the nation.