National press highlights SEIU’s giveaways to Kaiser

NewsMay 24, 2012

Two weeks ago, after SEIU-UHW tried to keep healthcare workers in the dark by refusing to share details of agreements they had signed with Kaiser, NUHW blew the lid off of SEIU’s secret deal by printing the tentative agreements and exposing SEIU’s giveaways for everyone to see.

Now a national publication with special coverage of labor unions has reported on SEIU’s giveaways to Kaiser, and the picture isn’t pretty. The Bloomberg Daily Labor Report has exposed how SEIU is helping Kaiser cut costs at workers’ expense while Kaiser makes more profits than ever before.

According to the article:  

  • SEIU’s settlement “proposes to set cost limits on retiree health benefits”
  • SEIU agreed to a partnership tax of “at least 9 cents per hour” which can “increase if needed, by an unspecified amount.”
  • SEIU agreed to partner with Kaiser to “measure employee body mass index, smoking rates, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.”  

SEIU’s giveaways to Kaiser are a huge step backwards for Kaiser workers

As the article reports, NUHW Secretary-Treasurer John Borsos stated that SEIU’s new contract “reads like a Kaiser Power Point business plan, because that is what it is.”

Kaiser workers all over California are fighting back by sharing SEIU’s giveaways to Kaiser with our co-workers and encouraging them to vote “NO” at SEIU’s ratification votes. You can print out and share a special copy of the article with notes from NUHW, by clicking here.


Cindy Thomas
, Department Secretary, Kaiser San Rafael
National Union of Healthcare Workers