Modern Healthcare: union votes allowed at over 30 healthcare sites

NewsMarch 4, 2010

By: Joe Carlson

The National Labor Relations Board has cleared the way for union elections at more than 30 healthcare facilities in Northern California, while withholding judgment on requests for union elections at another 30 or so. 

Nearly all of the elections are decertification ballots stemming from a bitter dispute between two rival healthcare unions: the massive Service Employees International Union, and the rival upstart National Union of Healthcare Workers whose leadership is composed of ousted SEIU leaders. 

The NUHW has filed dozens of petitions in the past year to have workers decertify their SEIU units and switch to NUHW. The new group has had a handful of election successes, but most of its petitions have been blocked procedurally by SEIU through charges filed with the national labor board.

On Tuesday, the board approved 31 election petitions for workers at up to 50 different facilities in coming months, but another 32 election petitions are still being blocked by objections from SEIU or NUHW. In dueling news releases Tuesday, both unions accused their opponents of attempting to cherry-pick elections where they think their chances are better, while blocking elections at facilities where they might be vulnerable.

 Source: Modern Healthcare