Mission Neighborhood Health Center workers win strong contract

Mission Neighborhood Health CenterJanuary 30, 2020

NUHW members at Mission Neighborhood Health Center called off a scheduled three-day strike this month after reaching a tentative settlement on a three-year contract.

The agreement includes 10.75 percent raises, as well as stronger protections against management harassment, better training requirements so workers are set up to succeed at every task, paid travel expenses and commute time for workers who float between facilities and a labor-management patient care committee to give workers a stronger voice in the care they provide.

“This contract is a big win that will help us better care for our families and our patients,” said Icela Santos, medical assistant and NUHW steward. “I feel fortunate to work with strong, determined people who were ready to fight for a fair contract and forced management to make significant concessions.”

The key breakthrough in negotiations came as San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors agreed to increase funding for the non-profit, that, in turn, helped it improve its proposal.

Previously, management had offered only a 2 percent annual cost-of-living raise.

Prior to authorizing a strike, workers held a picket that was covered by several local news outlets.