Members promote NUHW’s COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Bill of Rights

COVID-19May 27, 2020

Dear NUHW Member:

NUHW members have taken to social media to help promote our union’s COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Bill of Rights. Members throughout California have taken part in short videos to promote each of the ten items NUHW advocates for keeping workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and during future pandemics. Eight videos have been released and more are on the way.

Our Bill of Rights is a distillation of a more comprehensive policy document (see it here in English and in Spanish) that outlines the minimum precautions and protocols that we believe must be put in place to keep healthcare workers safe. We have developed this policy agenda based on guidance from public health officials, research into best practices at healthcare facilities, and conversations with NUHW members — and we are presenting it to employers and political allies as part of a concerted effort to put these policies into practice.

In Unity,
Sal Rosselli, President, National Union of Healthcare Workers
Sophia Mendoza, Secretary-TreasurerNational Union of Healthcare Workers