Kindred Brea workers hold rally to call for fair contract

Kindred Hospital Bay AreaMay 4, 2015

NUHW members at Kindred Brea held a successful rally Wednesday, April 27, to call on Kindred to negotiate a fair contract.

Teresa“How far we have come since February 14, 2014, when we peacefully assembled to give our letter of intent to unionize and were met with threats, police, and uncalled-for hostility. From that point on, it was clear how Kindred thought of its employees, no matter how many years of service.

“We understand Kindred’s need to turn a profit but we are tired of it coming through cuts to patient care and employee benefits. We have been bargaining in good faith for over a year now, and we are tired of hearing people refer to our union as some “third party.” WE are the union and WE are the faces of Kindred who carry out their mission day and night. WE are the frontline, the backbone and the heart of this company. We want to settle this contract so we can all ensure that our patients are able to receive the best care possible.”

— Teresa Darvish, RN, Kindred Brea, 15 years