Keck/Norris bargaining update #11 (April 30, 2021)

Published Friday, April 30, 2021

The company responded to our economic proposals today and fell short on pretty much all of our priorities. Below are a few features of their proposal which is totally unacceptable:

  • Wage scale completely frozen in the first year
  • Half a percent increase to wage scales in second and third year
  • Most employees with 11+ years would get no wage increase in 1st year
  • No reinstatement of Norris Holiday Pay
  • Sick time and kincare combined for discipline in violation of state law
  • Take away our right to strike when the contract expires
  • No increases to shift or weekend differentials or to standy/call pay
  • 9% increase to health insurance premiums for most plans
  • Sick time and kincare still capped at 96 hours

The company claimed that it couldn’t offer more because of the pandemic, but we now know from their own financial reporting that Keck and Norris hospitals were actually both profitable throughout 2020, two of the most profitable hospitals in LA County last year.

Keck and Norris want to be regarded as institutions that provide, “Beyond Exceptional Medicine,” but their proposal demonstrates that they do not value the workers who provide exceptional care to our patients. We continued to show up to work to provide that care at the start of the pandemic in the worst moments of confusion and fear, but our bosses were nowhere to be found in those first days and weeks. We made it crystal clear to the company that after an incredibly tough year, this is not going to cut it.

The bargaining team is fed up. Tomorrow we plan on joining the nurses from 8a – 10am at the Hospital to hold a rally and picket to demonstrate our resolve. Attached is a flyer with more details and the summary of management’s horrible proposal.

Start saving money and get involved in OUR union, because we have begun to prepare to strike. This is what we have always done at Keck/Norris in order to win a strong contract.

In Solidarity,
Doug Kauffman
Discharge Planning Coordinator – Social Services (Keck)
Shop Steward and Bargaining Committee Member