Keck Hospital bargaining update (June 24, 2021)

Published Thursday, June 24, 2021

Things are progressing rapidly at the table. The committee started meeting today at 8am and just adjourned. We issued our comprehensive proposals on all the outstanding articles in all three bargaining units—Ambulatory Clinics, the Alhambra Call Center and Keck and Norris Hospitals. These proposals covered compensation, time off, holidays, subcontracting, vacation scheduling, parking, management rights, health and safety, and several others.

While there are a lot of moving parts the committee is laser focused on prioritizing the most important issues that we have heard from our membership and resolving as many open issues as we can.

We have agreed to meet this coming Tuesday where we hope to make progress on all of the the outstanding articles and narrow our disagreements with management. In the background of all of our progress — winning the free family HMO at the clinics and call center, restoration of the Norris Holiday pay, and what is looking like a robust economic package — is our unwavering unity. The fact that we voted to strike in overwhelming numbers in the Hospitals, Clinics and Call center at the same time is what has brought us this far. We must always be prepared to take action in order to defend what we have won and improve our USC standards. Together we will win, and make USC the premier place to work in Southern California.

In Unity Always,
Brian Dodero, Respiratory Therapist
NUHW Bargaining Committee