USC Bargaining

Keck Hospital bargaining update (July 9)

Published Friday, July 9, 2021


The Bargaining Team is proud to share the fantastic news. After 4 months of negotiations for the Hospitals and Clinics and nearly 2 years(!) for the Call Center culminating in an overwhelming 5 day strike authorization vote, we have concluded our negotiations and reached a complete Tentative Agreement for all three NUHW contracts.

Summary of our Agreement: 

Wages: Wage scales that achieve parity with UCLA wages where we were behind and maintains additional increases for where we were already ahead

  • Parity in wages between the Hospitals and Ambulatory with scales
  • Establishing wage scales that inflate each year in Clinics and Call Center
  • Keck FT and PT: Minimum increases of 10.9% and maximums of 39% for the 3 years
  • Ambulatory Clinics FT and PT: Minimum increase of 10.9% and maximum of 44% for the 3 years
  • Call Center FT and PT: Minimum increase of 10.9% and maximum of 68% for the 3 years

Keck, Norris, and Clinics Bonus: Employee Appreciation Bonus of $1850 for FT employees and $925 for Part time and Per Diems

Call Center Ratification Bonus: $1100 for Full Timers, $550 for Part Timers

Free Health Insurance: Expanding fully employer paid health insurance for employees and their families for Ambulatory Clinics and Call Center, and maintaining it for Keck and Norris

Norris Holiday Pay: Complete restoration of Norris Holiday Pay

Retirement: In-writing restoration of our retirement contributions: employer automatic 5% contribution restored on January 1st, 2022

Differentials: Increased to all shift differentials, all standby / on call rates, nearly all weekend differentials, increases to extra shift bonuses

Attendance Policy: Restoration of attendance policy before the punitive 2020 changes.  Kincare not counted toward discipline.

Keck PTO Cash out: No penalty for cash out of PTO

Missed Meal and Rest Break Compensation: Penalty Pay for Missed Breaks

Contract Enforcement: Faster Arbitration for resolving disputes

Union Power: Common Expiration of all 3 contracts

Clinics United: Single bargaining unit for all clinics

No takeaways!

The Full Bargaining Committee and Steward Council will convene in the coming days to review our TAs and give a formal recommendation.

Although there is a Tentative Agreement, the new agreement will not take effect until the full NUHW membership holds a ratification vote to approve or reject the Tentative Agreement.  The Bargaining Committee will schedule general membership meetings to educate all members on the details. A ratification vote for the full membership will be scheduled after the general membership meetings next week! 

It was our unity, perseverance, and willingness to struggle that got us here.  Congrats to everyone!

In Unity,

Alejandra Martinez, Surgery

Amanda Falcon, Call Center

Amber Vizcarra, Call Center

Audra Goedemans, IOM

Brian Dodero, Respiratory Therapy

Claudia Hidalgo, Endoscopy

Dan Olivares,  Anesthesia

Dayana Ruiz, Call Center

Doug Kauffman, Social Services

Eric Santifer, Cafeteria

Gabby Guzman, Call Center

James Ayers, Respiratory Therapy

Joyce Noguera, Norris Oncology

Karina Marin, Call Center

Kris O’Leary, PET Center

Krystal Benson, Beverly Hills Clinic

Lucy Lamont, Orthopedic Clinic

Lulu Alvarez, PCT Float pool

Maria Guevara, Endoscopy

Maria Hyde, Norris Hem/Onc

Mark Delgado, Surgery

Matt Valencia, Imaging

Nichole Ambriz, Surgery

 Patty Barahona, PCT 5N

Regina Bartsch, Outpatient Imaging

Ruth Gonzalez, START Clinic

Shavonna Jefferson, Norris Laboratory

Sherry Quinteros, Orthopedic Clinic

Vanessa Fonseca, Call Center

Noemi Aguirre, Respiratory