Kindred Brea steward nominations

NewsOctober 30, 2018

Shop stewards are your co-workers. They will be trained to be the first line of defense in
working with you to solve issues, provide union representation during investigatory or
disciplinary meetings, keep their co-workers united and informed, and enforce our union

  • Shop stewards are responsible for working as a team to build a strong worksite organization.
  • Shop stewards should have the following qualities:
  • Well respected by his/her co-workers
  • A commitment to make sure members’ rights are respected by management
  • Willing to participate in the overall goals of the union, at your worksite
  • Able to work with a diverse group of co-workers

Every department or shift should have at least one shop steward.

Use the form below to nominate co-workers to be shop stewards. You can nominate yourself or any other person that you believe will represent the interests of the membership.