Kaiser’s Unfair Labor Practice Violations Against NUHW

NewsDecember 3, 2010

Kaiser Permanente recently settled two Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board for misconduct in its campaigning against NUHW. Kaiser management committed the violations in question at Kaiser Sacramento, the Mira Loma Call Center in Orange County and the La Palma Medical Office Building in Orange County.

Excerpts from the settlements:

“We will not tell employees that they cannot circulate petitions in favor of NUHW during non-work time in non-work areas, and that they cannot circulate a petition unless it is on behalf of SEIU-UHW.”

“We will not direct employees not to speak to those employees who support the NUHW or any other labor organization during non-work time and in non-work areas.”

“We will not prohibit and/or interfere with employees engaging in activities on behalf of the NUHW or any other labor organization, when said activities are done during non-work time and in non-work areas.”

Read the full documents here and here.