Kaiser workers will join NUHW despite NLRB ruling to delay their vote

NewsApril 10, 2009

“Only SEIU would celebrate our right to vote being delayed. They can’t change the fact that a majority of Kaiser employees have repudiated their corruption and backroom deals. NUHW is our union. It doesn’t matter if our election is in one month or one year—we’re through with SEIU.”

—Dannielle Estrada, Kaiser Baldwin Park

We’re appealing a decision by the NLRB that would delay Kaiser workers from voting to join NUHW until next year.

Too often, the NLRB rules in favor of bosses instead of workers—that’s why all unions want to reform federal labor law through the Employee Free Choice Act.

Now, the NLRB has sided with SEIU bosses and against Kaiser Permanente employees. They say an election could take place next year, later than we hoped. NUHW will appeal the board’s decision, and Kaiser workers are pushing on all fronts to hold their election sooner.

As healthcare workers, we’re committed to joining a union where we have a voice, not one
that tries to thwart the will of its members.

Sooner or later, we’ll be rid of SEIU forever.

Kaiser workers and more than 95,000 SEIU members are joining NUHW, the union we trust.