Kaiser workers chart course forward

Kaiser IBHSFebruary 1, 2011

The photos above show stewards from the Kaiser IBHS and Kaiser Optical bargaining units taking steward oaths at their first all-day NUHW steward training and strategy meetings. 

These meetings brought together union stewards representing more than 1,400 Northern California Kaiser workers who are members of NUHW and are beginning their contract campaigns this month. At these meetings, Kaiser caregivers discussed how best to represent their co-workers and bargain a strong contract between NUHW and Kaiser. 

Unity in NUHW is already making a difference in Kaiser professionals’ lives. Last week, we learned that Kaiser Permanente will not appeal a judge’s ruling that says Kaiser violated the law by withholding raises and benefits from workers who voted to join NUHW in Southern California. These workers will now get more than $2 million in back pay and benefits…plus interest. 

This important victory does not change the fact that Kaiser broke the law, and that SEIU lied to thousands of healthcare workers to stop them from joining NUHW.