Kaiser tries to silence Santa Rosa clinician

KaiserMay 9, 2014

Kaiser has finally had enough of the truth and has sought to silence Andy Weisskoff and his blog. Weisskoff arrived at the Santa Rosa facility Thursday morning only to find he was locked out of the computer system. He was then asked to pay a visit to the chief of psychiatry, who informed him that Kaiser was accepting his resignation immediately rather than wait until the previously agreed-upon date of May 30. After gathering a few personal belongings, Weisskoff was escorted from the premises.

In recent days, Weisskoff blogged about a patient of his who committed suicide several years ago during a 42-day wait between appointments. In his blog Weisskoff warned that current patients face the same long wait times and inadequate care. He also told of his recent practice of stating these concerns in his patients’ charts and passing these warnings along to Kaiser management. These actions, taken on behalf of patients in need, were apparently too much for Kaiser. Rather than address the concerns that have been raised by Weisskoff and his fellow Kaiser therapists, psychologists, and social workers throughout the state, Kaiser decided to simply remove Weisskoff.

To read Andy Weisskoff’s blog post on his ouster, and the recent blog posts that prompted Kaiser’s retaliation, visit 90daystochange.com.