Kaiser, Don't Deny

Patients need access to consistent, reliable mental health services

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Kaiser Patient Stories

Kaiser should be ashamed

Published Tuesday, January 5, 2021

I was diagosed with PTSD and depression when I was 17. I have always had Kaiser, but have opted for University counseling (which takes weeks), because of the long  wait Kaiser has on mental health. I had also suffered from disordered eating but have learned to not utilize my Kaiser insurance for mental health services. The first thing people are tasked with doing is waiting on hold for an hour plus, just to be put on hold at Beacon Health, who send me a list of outdated therapists and psychiatrists who aren’t even taking new patients. At this point, I’ve learned to function much better on my own or utilize other services available to me. Kaiser SHOULD be ashamed, but they let profits rule over morals.

San Francisco