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Kaiser releases Performance Sharing Program results

KaiserMarch 4, 2014

Members of NUHW will be receiving the PSP bonus this year in March, just like the SEIU/Coalition members. There’s a big difference, however: Unlike SEIU members, NUHW members don’t have to pay outrageously high dues to SEIU and 9 cents or more per hour for a Partnership Tax to Kaiser.

Although SEIU is quick to tell workers that NUHW members are not eligible for the PSP, in fact, we are. Management in Northern California and Southern California reported that it met its financial goals to fund the PSP but there was great variation in the actual amount given to workers, Southern California workers’ PSP bonus being much higher than Northern California. The payout was dependent on the goals that were attained or not attained — attendance, wellness, patient experience etc. — with variation between the goals set by Kaiser Northern California and Kaiser Southern California.

Click here to see the results of the PSP for Northern California.

Click here to see the results of the PSP for Southern California.