Kaiser Optical Workers are Staying United in NUHW-CNA

NewsMay 13, 2013

Kaiser optical workers in Northern California have a message for SEIU: We’re staying united in NUHW-CNA. 

With barely a handful of signatures, SEIU officials filed a petition in March with the National Labor Relations Board for an election to contest NUHW-CNA’s representation of our bargaining unit. Within just a few days of SEIU’s filing, a supermajority of us signed a petition stating clearly that we’re staying united in NUHW-CNA.

This week, ballots are going out in the mail. Over the last week, a supermajority of optical workers signed second petition reiterating our support for NUHW-CNA and for our elected bargaining committee. 

Now we’re casting our ballots to make it final once and for all: we’re saying NO to SEIU’s cuts, and standing strong with our union, NUHW-CNA.


Michael Nelson, Optical, Kaiser Stockton
National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association