Kaiser mental health strike: Aug. 31

NewsAugust 31, 2022

We had a good day on the picket lines in California and Hawaii with strong interest from journalists and community members during our first day on the picket line in Maui. Kaiser patients in Hawaii are starting to reach out to us about their challenges accessing care, and one patient told their story yesterday to KITV in Honolulu. See the latest media coverage here.

New strikers

This week, several clinicians who kept working when the IBHS strike began have walked off the job determined to help us win the strike and make Kaiser reform its mental health care services. Karina Cisneros joined the picket line in Fresno today.

“I am choosing to stand by my colleagues who have been fighting for me and other union members for nearly three weeks now,” she said. “I decided it is time for me to do my part.” 

Join Us: Labor Day Rally and Picnic in Oakland

We’re gearing up for a big Labor Day Rally and Picnic in Oakland. If you’re in the area, please bring your friends and family for some picketing and a big rally with patients and elected officials followed by a fun picnic at Mosswood Park across the street from the Oakland Medical Center. Members can RSVP here using your uniqe id: nuhw.org/rsvplaborday.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Labor Day Rally and Picnic with friends, family and community allies.

WHEN: Arrive at 10:30 a.m., Rally at 11:30, picnic to follow rally.

WHERE: Picketing and rally outside Oakland Medical Center, 3600 Broadway. Picnic with lots of food from local barbecue restaurants and cold drinks will be across the street at Mosswood Park.

RSVP: RSVP here using your unique ID.

Financial hardship

We have compiled a Hardship Fund FAQ explaining how to access or contribute to the more than 20 hardship funds that have been set up by clinicians at different locations. Dozens of people have already received assistance from these funds, which are growing every day. The centralized NUHW fund has been getting donations and will make contributions to the local funds on Thursday.

If you need financial support to sustain the strike, please fill out the form at nuhw.org/tempinfo. We can discuss a number of options, including possible temporary per diem work with behavioral health practices that have been in contact with us.

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