Kaiser mental health strike: Aug. 30

NewsAugust 30, 2022

We celebrated our second day of trans-Pacific picketing with strikers in Hawai’i sending a short solidarity message for their union siblings in Northern California, who responded with a message of their own.

Our shared purpose in striking was underscored by a damning story in Capital & Main about Kaiser’s making a calculated decision to pay fines and penalties rather than invest in mental health care. The publication today also published a story about how Kaiser’s dangerously long waits for therapy appointments impact children. One parent told the news outlet:

“It was obvious he was dealing with trauma, was not coping well and needed help. And instead of providing mental health care, I felt like Kaiser was gatekeeping, with all these systems to get in the way of access.”

Our strike was also covered by Hawai’i public radio.

See below for photos from today’s picket lines and here for recent news coverage.

Financial support

We have compiled a Hardship Fund FAQ explaining how to access or contribute to the more than 20 hardship funds that have been set up by clinicians at different locations. Dozens of people have already received assistance from these funds, which are growing every day.

If you need financial support to sustain the strike, please fill out the form at nuhw.org/tempinfo. We can discuss a number of options, including possible temporary per diem work with behavioral health practices that have been in contact with us.

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