Kaiser Caregivers Prepare to Strike

Kaiser Healthcare ProsMay 9, 2011


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Last week, Kaiser announced first quarter profits of $921 million, or nearly $10 million a day.  That’s a 30% increase over the same time period last year, bringing Kaiser’s profits up to $5 billion since 2009.  Yet management is still trying to cut workers’ retirement and healthcare benefits, and they refuse to agree to implement adequate staffing levels at LAMC and other Kaiser facilities for safe, quality patient care.

On Saturday, nurses from Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center and psychologists, social workers, dietitians, health educators and other Kaiser healthcare professionals from Fontana to San Diego came together to prepare for our one-day strike. Thousands of NUHW members at Kaiser will walk out on May 18th to tell Kaiser that enough is enough. Kaiser needs to quit refusing to bargain in good faith, and work with caregivers to agree to a contract that is fair to workers and safe for patients.

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