Ka-Ching! $8.2 billion in profits for Kaiser

NewsNovember 14, 2012

It’s PayDay for Kaiser…and thanks to SEIU, every day is Tax Day for Kaiser workers

Kaiser just released its third quarter profits, and they’re massive.

Since Jan 1, 2009, Kaiser has made $8.2 billion in profits. To date, 2012 is Kaiser’s most profitable year over the last half decade.

At the same time, Kaiser management is laying off 1,000 workers with SEIU’s permission.  That’s the largest mass layoff at Kaiser in three decades.

It’s no coincidence that Kaiser is making money hand-over-fist, especially through its partnership with SEIU.  

At Kaiser, SEIU-UHW has agreed to layoffs, cuts to our retirement and health benefits and a partnership tax that pays Kaiser 9 cents an hour per employee for every hour we work.

Record profits for Kaiser management, and record layoffs for Kaiser workers. It’s no wonder that SEIU-UHW is the union that Kaiser prefers.

News like this is what makes it all the more important to talk to our co-workers about why we’re choosing NUHW, a union that stands up to management and where healthcare workers ourselves call the shots.

Please print and share this leaflet about Kaiser’s profits with your co-workers and tell them that’s why NUHW is your choice.

Dannielle Estrada, Coder, Kaiser Baldwin Park
National Union of Healthcare Workers