Just say NO to SEIU takeaways at Kaiser

NewsMarch 27, 2012

The evidence is clear.

In the last three years, SEIU has given away more than $2 billion in contract concessions across the United States, $1.6 billion of that right here in California, and all of us at Kaiser Permanente are next.

Before that happens, now is the time for workers at Kaiser to stand up to SEIU’s giveaways. Won’t you join me?

Click here, and “Just say NO” to SEIU takeaways at Kaiser.

Since 2009 Kaiser has made over $6 billion in profits. But SEIU wants workers to agree to reductions in our benefits. That makes no sense.

SEIU will often try to disguise takeaways by calling the changes “improvements” and then marketing the cuts to workers using the same techniques that advertisers and employers do. That’s exactly what SEIU did with pension cuts at Dignity Health, formerly Catholic Healthcare West.

With SEIU’s $2 billion track record of takeaways, why should anyone trust SEIU when it comes to protecting our benefits at Kaiser Permanente?

Please take action and sign our petition right now.

Once you’ve signed the “Just say NO” petition, please forward this email to your co-workers and download and share this leaflet today.


Angela Glasper,
Optical Cashier, Kaiser Antioch
National Union of Healthcare Workers