Join our statewide call for Kaiser Service and Tech

NewsJanuary 24, 2012

This Wednesday, January 25 at 7pm, NUHW will hold a state-wide phone call with thousands of Kaiser Service and Tech workers.

Topics covered on the call will be:  

  • Sal Rosselli on the State of NUHW
  • Progress report on the Kaiser professionals’ contract campaign
  • Legal update on the scheduling of the S&T election
  • News on the growing support for NUHW in our hospitals and clinics  

If you were called on previous calls and your number has not changed, you won’t need to do anything to join the call other than answer the phone at 7pm, Wednesday!  

To make sure you are included in the call, or if your phone number has changed, you can sign up at by 7:30am, Wednesday morning.


Elizabeth Carter,
LVN, Kaiser Richmond Pinole
National Union of Healthcare Workers

PS. For Bay Area healthcare workers, please JOIN US this Thursday for a rally in San Francisco from 5:30-8pm at 5 Embarcadaro Center (Embarcadaro BART) to tell Kaiser President Bernard Tyson that our hospitals are not Wall Street banks! Full info and sign up sheet here.