In memory: Jason Campbell

Kaiser Healthcare ProsAugust 7, 2011

We are very sorry to share with you that Jason Campbell passed away yesterday in Nigeria where he was working with the Solidarity Center of the AFL-CIO.

We do not have details other than he was involved in an accident. Needless to say, he was greatly loved by all of us.

There was no more dedicated and honorable person in NUHW or the labor movement.  His work with NUHW professionals and service/tech/clerical alike set an example for us all who work and struggle for the rights of workers.

We will remember him most for the kindness and friendship he showed to everyone. He truly loved NUHW. We can continue our work in his honor.

On behalf of NUHW, we extend our deepest condolences to Jason’s family and fiancée.

In sympathy and solidarity,    

Sal Rosselli and Ralph Cornejo