How to Stop SEIU-UHW Illegal Activity When They Visit Your Home

NewsApril 9, 2013

In what appears to be a repeat of the same kind of illegal activity that got the 2010 Kaiser election tossed out by the federal government, SEIU organizers from outside of California are flooding the state and have been reported trying to insist that voters either give them their ballot or fill it out right in front of them.

This conduct by SEIU-UHW is illegal.

If an SEIU-UHW official shows up at your home or worksite asking about your ballot, your best course of action is tell them you’ve already voted and ask them to leave immediately.

  • Your ballot is secret. It is illegal for SEIU-UHW to pressure you to show them your marked ballot or to ask you to fill it out in front of them.
  • Nobody should touch your ballot but you. If SEIU-UHW officials suggest that you hand them your ballot so they can drop it in a mailbox for you, they are breaking the law.
  • Even if you signed SEIU-UHW’s petition in order to get a copy of your contract, you can still vote for NUHW-CNA.
  • You do not need to tolerate SEIU-UHW harassment. If SEIU-UHW shows up at your home or your worksite asking about your vote, you should tell them you’ve already voted so they will leave you alone.

In Unity,

Ralph Cornejo, Kaiser Division Director
National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association