For second time in two weeks, judge rules SEIU violated the law

NewsJuly 26, 2011

Brothers and Sisters,

For the second time in two weeks, Judge Lana Parke ruled that SEIU violated the law in the conduct of an election for workers at Kaiser Permanente.

Last fall, nearly 400 Medical Social Workers in Northern California’s Kaiser MSW unit narrowly voted to remain in SEIU by a margin of only nine votes.

Today, Judge Parke ruled that SEIU violated Kaiser healthcare workers’ rights and recommended that the results of the election be overturned and a new election held.

Judge Parke’s decision was crystal clear: SEIU violated Kaiser MSWs’ right to a fair election when it based its campaign on threats of lost wages and benefits if workers voted to join NUHW.

As I write to you tonight, MSWs across Northern California are making preparations for a re-run of their election and spreading the word about the judge’s decision. Northern California MSWs now have the chance to join 4,000 other professionals at Kaiser who are already members of NUHW, including 2,500 psychologists and mental health professionals in the IBHS, Psychsocial, and Healthcare Professional chapters.

Sincerely, Sal Rosselli, President
National Union of Healthcare Workers