Say YES to Diedre Nguyen

Garden Grove City Councilmember Diedre Nguyen is a cancer researcher who has won the trust and endorsement of Orange County’s frontline caregivers. As a laboratory scientist devoted to curing disease, Nguyen is uniquely prepared to be a strong healthcare advocate in Sacramento.

Diedre Nguyen’s commitment to our community is rooted in her father’s service alongside U.S Marines in the Vietnam War, and her family’s experience as prisoners of the Vietnamese Communist government and refugees to the United States. Supporting veterans and their families remains one of her top priorities.


Say “NO” to Janet Nguyen

A big reason Orange County voters replaced Janet Nguyen in Sacramento is that she failed to protect our healthcare.

She refused to support even common-sense laws to protect patients, like requiring physicians to disclose their probationary status and strengthening patient confidentiality protections.

It’s no wonder healthcare workers and patient advocates say we should keep Janet Nguyen out of office and elect a new and better leader who will put the health of Californians first.

We can defeat COVID-19 and help Americans recover by taking these common-sense steps:

  • Show our concern for each other and defeat the virus by wearing masks outside of our homes, washing hands often, maintaining physical distance, and staying home when we are sick.
  • Dramatically expand COVID-19 testing and make it free so everyone has access to rapid results, and immediately expand our ability to reach out to people who have been in contact with individuals infected with COVID-19, so they can be tested and quarantine if necessary.
  • Ensure there are adequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical personnel, first responders, and essential workers so they can safeguard their health and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their workplaces and throughout the broader community.
  • Provide paid sick leave to people infected with COVID-19 so they can stay home for all our safety, and provide paid family medical leave so people can stay home to care for sick relatives.
  • Increase support for workers who have lost their jobs because of necessary closures so the burden of COVID-19 does not fall unfairly on just some members of the community, and create a “restart” fund for small businesses that have been forced to close or have laid off workers.
  • Provide additional support for at-risk groups including seniors, people with disabilities, and individuals with underlying conditions, as may be necessary to keep them safe from infection.
  • Make plans and supply resources so hospitals and specialty care units have adequate surge capacity to provide care for all who need it during the oncoming spike of COVID-19 infections.
  • Plan for a rapid, safe, and fair roll-out of vaccines all across the country once they are available.
  • Defeat all attempts to strip current protections for those who have pre-existing medical conditions (including COVID-19 diagnosis). Protect and expand access to affordable, quality health care for all – which is now more important than ever – including increased access to the mental health care and substance use treatment that so many of us need in this difficult time.

In this election, we have the opportunity to protect our own healthcare and the healthcare of our family, friends, and neighbors.

This is the most important election of our lifetimes — and the turnout could set records.

Be a part of history by casting your ballot.