Elk Grove Unified School District counselors win first contract

NewsAugust 30, 2018

Elk Grove Unified School District workers showed strong unity in winning their first contract.

The two-year agreement addressed areas of great importance to members including having a reliably available work space to perform their work, that ensures student confidentiality, and a process by which resolution of an issue or situation can be had where legal or ethical codes of conduct may be compromised.

Members also won a 3.75 percent wage increase and 5 percent bonus over the life of the contract with a salary re-opener next year.

The roughly 40 mental health therapists and behavior support specialists, PBIS coaches and autism coaches joined NUHW last year. They formed a strong bargaining committee that crafted proposals and negotiated for four months before unanimously ratifying their contract in August.

“I’m proud of my colleagues for standing together to win our first contract that will improve our working conditions and help us better support the students we work with,” said Amanda Murillo, a behavioral support specialist. “Forming a union has made me feel more connected and unified to both my colleagues and the district. I’m excited to work collaboratively in the upcoming years and ensure optimal working conditions for my colleagues.”