CPMC: United in a Worker-Led Union

California Pacific Medical CenterMay 11, 2011

Brothers and Sisters:

Yesterday, more than 827 days after we petitioned for an election, we voted to join NUHW by a vote of 384 for NUHW to 237 for SEIU at California Pacific Medical Center. We’re the newest members of NUHW!

It wasn’t easy. SEIU spent more than two years delaying our election and feeding our co-workers with a steady stream of misinformation and fear. On top of that, our employer, Sutter Health, held mandatory department meetings in which our managers tried to scare us from voting for NUHW. SEIU was Sutter’s choice, not ours.

At CPMC we stayed united in our workplace and fought back with the truth. When the ballots were counted, SEIU’s lies couldn’t hide the takeways it bargained in our contract on wages, healthcare and subcontracting. SEIU also couldn’t hide its abysmal track record on representation at our hospitals. Now, 800 healthcare workers at CPMC are the newest members of NUHW.

By voting to join NUHW, we have chosen to control our union again at CPMC. We are ready to elect our stewards and democratically determine our bargaining priorities, while the terms and conditions of our current contract remain in place. In doing so, we will join thousands of NUHW members across California who are currently in bargaining at twelve bargaining tables.

We know that healthcare workers are stronger when we are united in a democratic, member-led union.

In unity and strength,   

Helen York-Jones, Food Service Cashier, CPMC