CPMC Bargaining update — March 16, 2014

California Pacific Medical CenterMarch 20, 2014

Herbert Cruz 02

“We must protect our reclassification and our PTO. CPMC can afford to agree to a good contract with no takeaways.” — Herbert Cruz, EVS Pac Campus

In the last two bargaining sessions, management has proposed changes that would be takeaways to our current contract. Here is what management has proposed:

Takeaways to our reclassification process
Management wants to make it significantly harder for per diem and part-time employees to reclassify by placing restrictions on what hours will count toward reclassification. This is a benefit that we won big improvements to in our last contract. We will not go backwards.

Takeaways to our PTO
Management wants to establish a hard cap on our PTO at 320 hours. This means we will not accumulate any PTO over 320 hours. Under this proposal, management will no longer cash out PTO over 320 hours every six months.

When management proposed these takeaway, our bargaining team, in a clear and direct way, rejected their proposals and told management that we will not be going backward in any part of our contract.

Questions? Talk to a Bargaining Team Member or call NUHW Representatives Hugh Lucas at (415) 216-6680 or Colleen Fewer at (415) 515-5238.

For a PDF of this update that can be downloaded and printed, click here.