Caregivers picket Brius-owned nursing home

NewsMay 8, 2017

More than 30 caregivers and their allies picketed the San Rafael Healthcare and Wellness Center in San Rafael Sunday to alert residents that the biggest nursing home operator in Marin County — and California — is short-changing patients and workers.

State and federal regulators have recently cited the facility for stocking expired food including “thickened apple juice” and providing so few towels and washcloths that caregivers have had to dry patients with paper towels and bed linens.

The nursing home is operated by Brius LLC, which controls one-in-five nursing home beds in Marin County and one-in-14 beds across California.  Brius CEO Shlomo Rechnitz is a self-proclaimed billionaire, who former state Attorney General Kamala Harris labeled a “serial violator” of nursing home rules three years ago in court papers.

After more than three years without a contract, workers are demanding livable wages and safe staffing levels. They’re also demanding that Rechnitz adequately fund his facilities, so caregivers always have towels and fresh food at their disposal.

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