California agency to file complaint that SEIU-UHW broke law, violated workers’ rights

NewsMay 4, 2012

As Kaiser workers, we know that SEIU lied and cheated in our 2010 elections.

That’s why we’re getting ready for a re-vote of our Kaiser S +T election later this year.

Now, an agency of the State of California, the Public Employment Relations Board, has stated that it will file a complaint charging that SEIU did the exact same thing to homecare workers in Fresno.

The list of illegal and unfair practices allegedly committed by SEIU in Fresno is long. According to a complaint to be filed by the Office of General Counsel, SEIU-UHW:  

  • “engaged in coercive behavior”  
  • “destroyed” or “removed” private property  
  • “obtained unsupervised access to marked ballots”  
  • and, lastly, SEIU “threatened voters” about their health insurance, their wages or even threatened “they would lose their jobs entirely” if they did not vote for SEIU.  

You can read the full decision here and read press reports here and here, but it all adds up to one conclusion, and it’s not pretty.

SEIU can’t be trusted.

As Kaiser workers, we’ve learned the hard way that SEIU can’t be trusted when it comes to the bargaining table. For the first time in memory, healthcare workers at Kaiser are facing takeaways to our health and retirement benefits.

We know that there’s a better way. That’s why thousands of Kaiser co-workers are uniting to stand up to Kaiser and SEIU to say NO to Kaiser’s cuts.

Won’t you stand with us today? If you are a Kaiser worker and haven’t signed the “Just say NO” petition, please click here and add your voice.

Jose Balibrea, EVS, Kaiser Vacaville
National Union of Healthcare Workers

PS. Please join us celebrating with Children’s Hospital workers in Oakland who will vote to leave SEIU-UHW and join NUHW on May 16 and the 70 NUHW members at Sequoias Portola Valley who just yesterday won a three-year contract with minimum raises of 6%, with some employees receiving as much as 24%.

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