Biorepository workers vote to join NUHW

KaiserApril 25, 2017

Five Kaiser Permanente biorepository workers in Berkeley voted March 9 to join NUHW.

Reid Wearly

Reid Wearly

“We joined NUHW because managment went through an almost complete overhaul. This transition led to a situation where over half of our department became targets for hard-to-prove discrimination, drastically increased workloads, and being targeted by new managers for termination,” said Reid Wearly, who has been a Laboratory Support Specialists (LSS) Coordinator at Kaiser for 14 years. “After trying unsuccessfully to get Kaiser to do the right thing, we joined NUHW because we knew it had experienced leadership and we could trust that they were interested in serving us first.”

LSS Coordinators are responsible for receiving, processing, and storing saliva and blood samples. Besides general upkeep of all standard operating procedures, LSS Coordinators pull samples from the system to perform extraction, quantification, and normalization.