At three more facilities, we’re leaving SEIU and joining NUHW

NewsAugust 28, 2012

We are proud to announce that at three more San Francisco Bay Area facilities we are rejecting SEIU-UHW and moving with strong majorities to join healthcare workers in NUHW.

120 of us at Piedmont Gardens and Grand Lake Gardens, a nursing home and assisted living facility in Oakland, submitted our petitions for an election last Friday.  We’re leaving SEIU because after two years without a contract and no bargaining in sight, we’re tired of a union that won’t even lift a finger to enforce our contract or bargain a new one.

For 63 of us at Mission Neighborhood Health Center, we’ve seen SEIU-UHW’s substandard representation and weak contract enforcement for too long. Under SEIU, we’re even stuck in a “union-run” SEIU pension plan that is in “critical status” and has put our retirement at risk since January of 2009.

Our election at Mission Neighborhood Health Center is on September 5th, and we can say without question that SEIU is no longer the union for us.  

In workplace after workplace across California, healthcare workers in NUHW have won contracts with raises and no concessions. In contrast, every single contract SEIU has settled in the last three years has had takeaways.

Despite the lies and intimidation from SEIU, we know SEIU for who they really are, a union that is in bed with management, unwilling to enforce our contract and only interested in our dues.

We are so proud to be joining NUHW!


Dorothy Roach, CNA, Piedmont Gardens
Cristina Cao, Cashier, Mission Neighborhood Health Center
National Union of Healthcare Workers