Are we ready to fight?

Kaiser Healthcare ProsMay 18, 2011

You got that right!

NUHW Brothers and Sisters:

Starting at 6am tomorrow, 2,500 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers throughout Southern California will go on strike for 24 hours. Our strike will be the single largest work action by NUHW members since the founding of our union.

We’re telling the world the truth about Kaiser Permanente.

While Kaiser maximizes its profits – $921 million in just the first three months of this year – Kaiser administrators are proposing to gut the healthcare and retirement benefits of frontline caregivers like us. Kaiser pays its CEO nearly $8 million a year, but refuses to fund the staff needed to provide our patients the care they deserve.

We are united. Kaiser NUHW RNs, Social Workers, Psychologists, Health Educators, Speech Pathologists, Audiologists and Dietitians are speaking with one voice. Our message to Kaiser is simple and clear: we’ve had enough of Kaiser’s unfair labor practices, and we will do whatever it takes to win a contract that rewards the value of our work and protects our patients.

Wherever you work, we invite you to stand with us. Talk to your co-workers about our strike. Wear your NUHW buttons and lanyards. Send us a message of solidarity.

And if you’re in Southern California, come join us on the picket line at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center.  Find directions by clicking here.

Help us show Kaiser what our union is made of.

David Mallon 

David Mallon, LCSW, Kaiser Norwalk
National Union of Healthcare Workers