An important message for NUHW members nearing retirement

NewsDecember 12, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As members of the Executive Board of NUHW, we are proud to share a new development in our union’s history and organization. 

As healthcare workers, the NUHW Executive Board recognizes that NUHW retirees have a stake in our union. Many of us will count on benefits won during our work lives to provide a secure and healthy retirement for ourselves and those we love.

Moreover, as the decision-making body of our union, we also recognize that the wisdom, insights and commitment of our retired members have ongoing value to current healthcare workers. That’s why we’ve created a new “Retiree Membership” for retired NUHW members. And because we are committed to union democracy, dues-paying retired members will have voting rights in our union.

Retired members will pay $25/month dues and have full voting rights on matters like the election of our union officers and ratification of our constitution. This democratic development is unique to NUHW, and yet another way that healthcare workers uniting in NUHW are advancing the cause of union democracy.

Please spread the word to fellow NUHW members who are nearing retirement. When they retire, they can sign up to join NUHW as a retired member by following this link:


Sonia AskewDavid Mallon

Sonia Askew, Optician, Kaiser South Sacramento
David Mallon, LCSW, Kaiser Norwalk, Chapter Secretary (KPC)
National Union of Healthcare Workers

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