USC Bargaining

Ambulatory bargaining update #8 (May 22, 2021)

Published Saturday, May 22, 2021

We had our eighth session of negotiations for our NUHW contract at the ambulatory clinics.  Keck responded to our economic proposals today, giving us counters on Articles 11 – Hours of Work, 13 – Compensation, 14 – Time Off, and 15 – Benefits.  Unfortunately, they fell short on nearly all of our priorities. Below are a few features of their proposal which are totally unacceptable:

  • The company is proposing a half of a percent increase to our wage scales
  • They proposed one scale for the duration of our contract, rejecting our proposal for scales that keeps up with inflation
  • Keck rejected our proposal for health benefits equity between the hospitals and the clinics
  • Sick time and kincare combined for discipline in violation of state law
  • No increases to shift or weekend differentials
  • The company proposed a 2 year contract, to ensure that we stay divided from our hospital coworkers.

One positive note was that we reached a Tentative Agreement on Article 17, on Health and Safety.

While disappointing, this is not a surprise.  This has been the same sort of unserious offer that the company has made to our NUHW sisters and brothers who work in the hospitals, and we know that to move them we all need to take action.  That’s why we’re concluding our strike authorization vote on Sunday, because we know we’ll need to fight for a fair contract.  If you haven’t voted already, just respond to this email, and we’ll help out.

We expect to have more negotiations next week.  Stay tuned for news about the negotiations, and the results of the strike authorization vote.

We ended our session after the organization’s insulting counter proposal.  We need to stand together if we want to be heard.

Sherry Quinteros
Administrative Assistant
Orthopaedic Ambulatory Clinic