USC Bargaining

Ambulatory bargaining update #6 (April 21, 2021)

Published Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dear NUHW Members,

We had a productive day!

We reached agreement on two more non-economic articles: Union Representation and Job Vacancies. These were areas where we have had lots of discussion, so it is a good sign that both sides were able to reach a mutual understanding. Our bargaining team has worked hard to ensure that none of our rights have been eroded. On Union Representation, we secured more hours of paid time for shop stewards to meet monthly. And we have expanded our members’ ability to return to the bargaining unit with our seniority intact.

In addition to those non-economic articles, the employer also indicated that we are in agreement on two economic articles: Article 16 – Holidays – which spells out our 9 paid holidays and also Article 33 – which guarantees free parking and security at all times.

Tomorrow we will continue to try and reach out and make rational compromises that protect our rights where we can. We also want to advance discussions on our economic items as our contract approaches expiration on April 30th.

We are doing a joint action on May 1st with our RN counterparts at the Hospital. From 8am – 10am, we will rally at the Hospital and demonstrate to show our strength in order to push the company to settle our contracts fairly. Please mark this on your calendar and plan to join us and our NUHW co-workers at Keck and Norris! We will provide more information as it gets closer.

In Solidarity,
Kristin O’Leary
Shop Steward
Bargaining Committee Member