Ambulatory bargaining update #4 (April 9, 2021)

Published Friday, April 9, 2021

Hello NUHW members,

Today was our fourth session with the company and we continued to discuss important items regarding seniority, layoff protections, union access, steward’s rights and release time for union stewards.

Although we did not reach any agreements, we are closer to agreement on these issues but still not there. The Employer agreed to move off some of their positions trying to limit access by our Union Representatives and also agreed to increase the number of paid hours that shop stewards are paid for release time to attend monthly steward council meetings.

We also managed to come much closer to agreement on our reduction in force article which protects our jobs in the event of layoffs.

The other important issues that we are sticking to are that disciplines expire after a year. We need to preserve our ability to take action and picket and leaflet. And we need to ban subcontracting.

In the coming weeks we will work on proposals to make significant positive changes to our wage scale and improve our benefits. 

Join us at our next bargaining dates: 

April 20: 10a – 5p 

April 21: 10a – 5p 

April 22: 10a – 5p 

Stay tuned!

Jeeny Nunez Cruz, Scheduling Coordinator – Transplant