Alert stewards help Fountain Valley workers win better wages

Fountain Valley Regional Medical CenterMarch 1, 2019

Last May, shop stewards at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital discovered that dozens “nursing assistants” were being required to submit a “certification” to prove that they were actually “certified nursing assistants”, which in their contract requires a higher rate of pay.

We filed a grievance on behalf of the nursing assistants, and, after a 10-hour mediation session, we reached a settlement requiring that:

  • Thirty-five “nursing assistants” be re-classified to the Certified Nursing Assistant position.
  • Each of those nursing assistants receive 50-cent per hour raise effective February 24.
  • Full-time nursing assistants receive a one-time $250 lump-sum bonus.
  • Part time nursing assistants receive. one-time $125 lump-sum bonus.

Any nursing assistants who were not part of the original grievance, but who have their CNA Certification will also be reclassified as “certified nursing assistants” and will receive a 50-cent per hour raise once they present their certification to Human Resources.

Shop stewards Michelle Riggins, Jody Ponkilla and Mailinh Nguyen deserve special recognition for working on working on this case through to its resolution.

“This settlement will help me and my family,” Certified Nursing Assistant Yadira Levya said. “We’re proud to have won this fight and grateful to our stewards for helping us every step of the way.”