A message from the NUHW Retirees Committee

California Pacific Medical CenterDecember 18, 2015

By Melinda Ginne

In the fall of 2015 a group of NUHW retirees came together to form a retirees group. We are a voluntary email listserv that is maintained and moderated by NUHW retirees so that we can connect with each other and share information. This group is for all NUHW workers throughout California, regardless of employer. 

By joining the retiree listserv you’ll be able to stay up to date on NUHW activities, you’ll hear about local and national issues pertaining to retirees, you’ll be able to advocate for maintaining our retiree pension and benefits, and we intend to plan some fun activities too, so stay tuned. 

We have plans for a survey so that each of you can tell us what you would like to see this group do. We want your input so that this group will reflect your interests. 

We have our own t-shirts which are free to dues-paying retirees, otherwise they cost $10 plus shipping. We encourage you to enroll in the NUHW dues-paying program for $25 per month.

Please send an email to Melinda expressing your interest in joining the listserv. And share this information with your retired, future-retired, or retiree-loving colleagues. We want to see our group grow! 



Melinda Ginne

Bobbi Monette

Marilyn Albert