800 CPMC Workers Vote to Leave SEIU and Join NUHW!

California Pacific Medical CenterMay 10, 2011

Workers win!

800 employees at the Pacific, California and Davies hospitals of Sutter’s California Pacific Medical Center system in San Francisco have left SEIU and joined NUHW.  Final vote: 237 for SEIU to 384 for NUHW, 11 “Neither.”

Workers organizing with NUHW triumphed despite SEIU’s enormous resource advantages, including active support by the employer. SEIU staffers outnumbered NUHW organizers by 10 to 1. Sutter administrators gave SEIU unlimited access to all areas of the three hospitals, even giving SEIU representatives access badges, while denying NUHW organizers permission to enter any non-public area. CPMC managers held captive audience meetings in every department on every shift, pressing workers to support SEIU.

Together, CPMC workers rejected SEIU and voted to take back their union. Workers all over California are voting to reject SEIU’s contract takeaways, backroom deals and poor representation.

Congratulations to NUHW’s newest members at CPMC!